Trial Services in Arizona! in New Mexico! Nationwide!

Trial Services in Arizona! in New Mexico! Nationwide!

Our Services

Court Reporting

Our court reporters have decades of experience covering hearings, arbitrations, and depositions, including medical malpractice, technical, complex litigation, and high profile cases.


RealTime Certified

Every reporter on Maricopa Reporting staff is realtime ready. Realtime reporters match unparalleled speed with precision to offer your team an instantaneous feed of the deposition as it happens whether in-person or remote via a secure online feed. This allows you to refer back to a question or answer to gain context and better frame continued questioning.

Expedite - Daily Copy

Take advantage of expedited transcript options and avoid the wait for your deposition copies. Simply access your documents through our secure online repository.
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Remote Depositions

Virtual depositions have become a norm, and Maricopa Reporting assists you in setting up the technology at no additional charge. Let us help create a seamless experience for your team that eliminates potential travel and safety concerns.

Legal Videography

Our Certified Legal Video Specialists capture the deposition with important details of body language, voice inflection, and verbal delivery during a deposition. This essential tool paired with the transcribed copy offers a complete picture of the deposition from start to finish.


Nationwide Coverage

Maricopa Reporting provides our reporters, videographers and translators from coast to coast. Our professionals are certified, experienced reporters for depositions including complex litigation or medical malpractice. Virtual depositions are fast becoming a viable option to close the distance without travel and increase comfort.

Interpreters and Translators

Different languages can present an obstacle in a deposition, and our professional interpreters and translators can bridge that gap. Proficient in medical and legal terminology in addition to language fluency, this service is an invaluable asset to the team.Virtual depositions are fast becoming a viable option to close the distance without travel and increase comfort.

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Transcription production is all done in-house by a certified court reporter. Our production office accommodates expedites, rough draft requests, and additional requests per the litigation needs. All documents can be easily accessed through our online repository.

Complimentary Conference Rooms in Phoenix & Scottsdale

Maricopa Reporting offers spacious conference rooms in both Phoenix and Scottsdale available as a complimentary service to our clients. These conference rooms are technology-ready and offer access to secure WiFi. We also recognize CDC recommended safety and cleanliness standards for your comfort and well-being.

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